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Is it snowing in Anchorage?

Because it’s snowing here! In October! In Baltimore! See the snow in the air? proof in the fork of the trunks of the tree half an hour later – even more snow in the garden bed I realize that if … Continue reading

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October Sewing: Superhero Backpack

Alex (as in East Coast, boy Alex) is currently into superheroes.  So for his 4th birthday, I sewed him a superhero drawstring backpack.  I like how it looks but I need to refine my sewing technique to make it function … Continue reading

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Again? How did we forget again?

For the second year in a row, we somehow managed to forget to wish our two Alex family members “Happy Birthday”!  Last year, we had the excuse that Ellie was only three weeks old, but this year, I don’t think … Continue reading

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First Ice Cream!

Wednesday night, we were celebrating Nik’s successful observation and felt guilty eating in front of her. So consequently, Ellie now knows the delicious world of ice cream.  (It was Haagen Dazs Dark Chocolate, which is amazingly delicious and only has … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Noah!

Dear Noah, You were my first nephew Noah and the baby who made me an aunt.  Without you, I would know very little about cuttlefish/squid, zombies, or fishing. Without you, I would not have been prepared for all the puking … Continue reading

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How to have soft, silky smooth skin without paying a fortune for spa treatments

Another post in my series, “How to ________ without _________“ Caution, there’s a slightly weird, possibly disturbing picture in the post.  You may not want to continue if you think you’ll be grossed out.  (But it’s really not that bad … Continue reading

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Ellie knows what she wants.  She is also extremely persistent in getting what she wants.  In the pictures below, she wanted the fingernail clippers that Nik was using.  Never mind that I gave her an identical pair.  She wanted the … Continue reading

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The Third Shelf of Books is No Longer Safe

Or, “It’s a good thing Nik bolted the bookshelf to the wall.” Ellie’s favorite diversion – clearing the bookshelves

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October Sewing: Christmas Ornaments for Church

For the second year in a row, I’m coordinating an “ornament making party” to support the mercy ministries at our church.  The ladies of the church join together to make felt ornaments.  People are asked to make donations during the … Continue reading

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Eating Yogurt

Ellie is learning how to use a spoon.  Right now, I’m using my spoon to fill her spoon and then she puts it in her mouth.  (We found these cool small but “real” spoons at Crate and Barrel.) She’s quite … Continue reading

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