Finish Up Friday: 2015 Edition, Update #2 – FIVE Shades of Grey (gray?)!

In an effort to redeem a lovely color from the exploitation and awfulness being perpetuated under its banner, this week, I present to you, “Five Shades of Grey.” (As, always, my debate is “gray” or “grey”?)

What I accomplished this week:

008 (800x533)Look at all that grey!

1. I fixed and then embellished my grey skirt.  I started out by affixing one hexagon to patch the tear in the fabric right at the top of the kick split and then decided that looked a bit funny by itself.

001 (800x537)

So I got a bit carried away and added six more.  Then I decided they needed to be sewn on but I couldn’t sew the top one by machine because of the split in the skirt.  So I zigzagged them all by  hand, which was a luxurious waste of time during yesterday morning’s snow day. (This one counts for two shades of gray – the original skirt and the embellishment).

003 (800x800)And yes, I know, it felt a bit silly to do all this work for the back of my skirt but I did have a lot of fun doing the embellishment. It makes me want to do it to more of my clothes. 

2. I hemmed Nik’s dark gray pants, using his light gray pants as a length guide.

005 (800x533)

3. I altered Nik’s UnderArmour shirt so that it fit him better.  Although he bought what should have been the correct size, it was super baggy on him.  I took out about 2.5 inches on both sides from the sleeve and body of the shirt and now it fits him great!

006 (800x533)

[The rest of these projects aren’t grey but we’ll let them in anyway.]

4. I finished the base for the hair on Mark’s doll.  Somehow, the circle got off center so I had to do some annoying sewing to get it to look right.  (Can you tell I’ll be glad when this project is finally over?)

007 (800x533)

5. I fixed the office shade.  I wish those little rings would stop breaking!

6. Finally, I sewed a button back on Ellie’s little doll wallet that Yiayia made for her.  She’s been carrying it around, stuffed with a diaper and calling it her “tissue”! 🙂

004 (800x533)

The List (as of 2/27/2015) – It’s short now, although all the projects that are left are longer, trickier ones.

  1. Add the “hair” to the hair base of Mark’s doll and the feet too.
  2. Quilt the table runner that I almost finished last spring
  3. Finish the dining room shades that I have been avoiding for 3 YEARS SIX years! SIX!! I recently came across this post (from January 2010) in  which I wrote that I needed to work on sewing my dining room curtains, with fabric that we had had for over a year.  Translation: We’ve had the fabric since sometime in 2008!  In my defense, just one week after I posted that “start the dining rooms curtains” post, we found out that we were pregnant with our first child, who ended up being Ellie.  So I’ve been a bit busy since then.  NOT in my defense, I’ve managed to sew plenty of other projects since then.  Anyway, I am determined NOT to have to write about the shades for too many more weeks!


And on a complete unrelated note, happy birthday to my dear sister, Rachel!  I love you!

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