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Movie Week, Vacation Edition: Which Toy?

Nik and I are fairly biased against plastic toys and towards cloth and wood.  For awhile, Ellie was quite interested in playing with the cloth napkins that we use at the dinner table.  So we decided to do a test: … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Eric!

It’s nice to be with you to celebrate! That’s Baby Ezra in my arms and a “not-stoned-I’m-sure” Eric in the background. We love you!

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Movie Week, Vacation Edition: Rabies in Action

Remember when I told you Ellie had rabies?  And when I had to confess that I had only been joking?  Now you can watch for yourself and decide if you think that she really did have rabies.  She’s fully recovered … Continue reading

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Movie Week, Vacation Edition: We still love you

In case you’re wondering, we still love Ellie even when she’s not willing to perform for the camera.  In this case, Ellie decided to just hang out on her stomach rather than roll as commanded.  (There’s not much action in … Continue reading

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Hooray for Rachel and baby Clara! (May sewing)

My sister Rachel had a baby on June 4th.  To celebrate baby Clara’s birth, I sewed Rachel a diaper bag ensemble.  You’ll notice that it’s getting harder and hard to take good pictures with Ellie in them – she wants … Continue reading

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Movie Week, Vacation Edition: Kicking and Crazy Lips

Here’s some video we shot of Ellie going crazy kicking.  She also did her crazy lip smacking action which (sadly) has fallen off her list of favored activities now that she’s older.  Look for it at around the 15-second mark.  … Continue reading

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Four Years!

Nik and I were married four short years ago and I am so grateful to be his wife. I’m excited to see what the next four years (and beyond) will bring for us! For this year, we are most grateful … Continue reading

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May/June Sewing: More Baby Blankets!

For my friend Lora and her little boy (born in May) and my friend Steph and her little girl (due in August): and a commission by Tina (Nik’s mom) – I jazzed this one up with three colors of topstiching.  … Continue reading

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We’re busy around here…

…eating beets, baking up  a storm, and doing laundry. Getting ready for vacation!!!!

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Happy Father’s Day!

To my Baba Thank you for being the best father a little girl could ask for.  You take such loving, tender care of me.  I love the games that we play and the songs you both sing and whistle to … Continue reading

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