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Is it enough for me to say that I don’t hate you now?

I’m on a huge, perhaps obsessive hunt to purge our house of all unnecessary things.  We’re having a yard sale on September 17th and my mission is to have every nook and cranny of our house sorted and purged by … Continue reading

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Ellie Loves Beets!

She also clearly loves posing for the camera!

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Just Gotta Love the Drool Goatee

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I think she lost track.

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August Sewing: This Post Is Brought to You by the Letter A

I am ultra-motivated right now to get this project finished! Only six more letters to go before I can finally put this project to bed!

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Happy Birthday Meggan!

Happy Birthday my dear sister-in-law! We love you! Meggan, Mom and I with Ellie at 10 days old.  We’re laughing so hard because Ellie had just made the most hilarious sounding toot! 🙂

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The Calm After the Storm

The sun is shining and we are enjoying a gentle breeze. The front porch is back on the front porch. We are considering ourselves very blessed to still have power as many people around us (even just a block or … Continue reading

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So Far, So Good

We lost power for just a few seconds at 11:45 pm. Everything in our house  is fine. The rain is basically gone.  It’s still very windy so we haven’t been outside.  From what we can see, there’s little to no … Continue reading

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The Last Blog Post

That’s a fairly ominous title, isn’t it?  This is just my last blog post before signing off for the night.  In case you’re wondering why I’ve been just sitting around blogging for the past hour, it’s because Ellie is sleeping … Continue reading

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Standing! (Almost)

Ellie is slowly but surely teaching herself how to stand.  I am constantly amazed by what she is doing, all on her own, to develop and grow up.  I stopped reading child development books when Ellie was around two months … Continue reading

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