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Greece, Week 2, In Athens

Today, I continue the story of our Summer 2008 trip to Greece.  To see all of our pictures, click here.  For most of the pictures, Nik has mapped them so you can see exactly where in Greece they were taken.  … Continue reading

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Ice Day!!

Yes, that’s a 1/4 inch of ice on top of yesterday’s snow day.  And so, I have to fulfill the other half of my bargain with myself.  Yesterday, I told myself, “This is a fun snow day so you should … Continue reading

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Scheduling Cleaning with Google Calendar

Nik and I use Google Calendar to schedule our life.  (If you don’t have Gmail, you should go sign up.  Right now.) When we first got married, one of our main sources of tension was house cleaning.  Not necessarily who … Continue reading

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A nice day

Snow days are nice!  I read Martha Stewart this morning – I’ve been getting all kinds of great magazines at the library for free.  They even let you check out the current month’s issue.  I’ve spent most of the day … Continue reading

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Don’t hate us, Alaskans

Does this look like a snow day to you? It does in Baltimore! SNOW DAY!!!

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Poetry Thursday

“Sitting Around Your Table” by Madeleine L’Engle from The Ordering of Love Sitting around your table as we did, able to laugh, argue, share bread and wine and companionship, care about what someone else is saying, even if we disagreed … Continue reading

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A couple weeks ago, Nik and I went to an art opening at the Creative Alliance.  The exhibit was by a local photographer, Kate Lynn Morrill.  She went to Alaska last summer, to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  While she … Continue reading

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So last night I made what I am calling “Citrus Butter”.  I used the same marmalade recipe (from the SureJell box) but I used grapefruit and Honey Bells instead of oranges.  I also used my Microplane zester to remove the … Continue reading

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If you will allow some completely unashamed bragging for just a minute…

I make really good orange marmalade – as in REALLY GOOD, as in WAY BETTER than store-bought.  First, I used Honey Bell tangelos, which we bought in Florida.  I also put in lots more rind than the recipe calls for … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday

This is the poem that I wanted to put for Christmas Poetry Thursday but I didn’t borrow the book from my friend until Sunday night.  So here it is (only three weeks late). Tree at Christmas by Madeleine L’Engle, from … Continue reading

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