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Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day Jon and Leah! (And Julie and anyone else out there with British connections!)

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Finished and Ready to Go!

Don’t ask me how I expected to get all of this done without 4 days of being snowed in at home (including one snow day from church/holiday celebrating and 2 from school) but… I’m finished sewing!! We’ve started packing and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jonas!

Happy Birthday Jonas!!I was 18 hours late to your birth.  So it’s only appropriate to be 2 days late to your 5th birthday! I can’t believe you’re so big!!  We love you! Love, Uncle Nik and Aunt Laura

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Snow Days!!

21.7 inches of snow = 2 snow days!! Vacation a little bit early!

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A great day so far!

1.  Slept in (until 8:30, which is super late for me). 2. Made pumpkin muffins (from the Simply in Season Nutty Pumpkin Bread recipe – I always double the spices).  I used Alaska cranberries that Meggan, in her overwhelming generosity … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tina/Mom! We love you!

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Life is Busy

Sound familiar anyone?  And so, I’m not going to get any more blogging done before the new year – As in, I won’t be: 1. explaining why I attempted to daily list my gratitude for the month of Thanksgiving. 2. … Continue reading

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A Trip (and I’m very grateful for it!)

We’re off to see Wendell Berry at UVA in Charlottesville, VA.  Nik went to UVA and so I’m excited to see and get to understand a little more of his college years.  This also means that today is my Friday!  … Continue reading

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Daily Gratitude #26

Today I’m grateful that I don’t have to make and can any more applesauce.  I think 20 quarts and 13 pints is enough!  (And that was only from 2 bushels of apples.  It’s a good thing I didn’t buy any … Continue reading

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