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Welcome “Can’t Make Up Your Mind” March!

On Tuesday (March 1st), we went to the Walters Art Museum for an Art Kids class.  We had a great time and learned a lot although it was a bit of a stretch to find community helpers in the 17th … Continue reading

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Snowpocaplse 2016, in pictures, by the hour

To satisfy my sister-in-law up in Alaska, a weather junkie, I’ve been taking pictures every couple hours (with a longer break last night) thorough the storm.  Perhaps you’d like to see them too? Friday, 1/22, 4:31 pm Friday, 1/22, 5:02 … Continue reading

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When The Kids Hold The Camera, There Are A Lot Of Pictures Of Mama

Yesterday was an incredibly glorious day – 60 degrees and sunny.  We got home from our preschool co-op around 1:30 and none of us wanted to go inside.  So, I brought out our quilt, Ellie drew and colored, and Mark … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring – Some Creepy, Some Cute

Ellie has finally admitted that “real spring” is here.  To her, spring means that she gets to wear tank tops and shorts because it’s really warm.  Spring does not mean “Yay, things are starting to grow!”  So, despite my best … Continue reading

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He Counts In Greek! And Sings in English!

It’s only fair that we show off Mark counting in Greek, right?  Ellie had her moment in the spotlight, so here’s Mark’s.  Unlike Ellie at this age, Mark is regularly and consistently counting to 20, usually perfectly, on his own. … Continue reading

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At Last A Bit Of Real Winter!

As you probably know, we finally had a real storm this weekend! Hooray for winter! Here’s a couple shots from Saturday. Ellie = mad at me for making her stay outside even one more second to take a picture after … Continue reading

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So We Went to the Zoo in Short Sleeves on Monday and Played in the Snow Today – WEIRD

It was so warm on Monday that we just had to make a trek to the zoo to take advantage of the warm weather.  (It was at least 70 by the afternoon.) We saw the kookaburra again! The zoo volunteer … Continue reading

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In Honor of Yet ANOTHER Snowstorm Tomorrow…

Here’s some pictures in the snow from last week’s storm!  (And please, another storm? Is this really necessary? It’s starting to feel like Alaska around here!)

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Snow Day!

Although not quite up to Snowmageddon standards (that storm in 2010), we definitely are in the midst of a big snow storm!  It’s been alternately raining and snowing, which doesn’t make for fun shoveling.  It does, however, make for good … Continue reading

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Trying To Be Pollyanna

There’s only two good things that I can think of to be thankful for in this heat. (Tuesday – 87 degrees, Wednesday – 94!!, today – 82:  what happened to spring?!?!) 1. We aren’t paying for it. 2. I get … Continue reading

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