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That was my number. My jury duty number. 8:15 – I arrived, checked in. $15 – my pay for the day (in cash). 11:15 – They called 001-400 to go into Courtroom 400.  So we went.  Sadly, out of those … Continue reading

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The bridesmaids’ dresses

Kristen and I had a very successful trip to DC last weekend.  We went to the Aria Dress showroom, tried on a bunch of dresses, and chose the color (fuschia with petal sashes), in silk shatung: Rachel, Kristen, Meggan and … Continue reading

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Our church booked two weddings for 3:00 on June 23rd – ours and one other.  What you might call a HUGE fiasco.  We found out on Monday afternoon.  Basically the other couple didn’t follow the right channels for reserving the … Continue reading

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The first snow

It’s snowing today – for the first time all winter.  Bizarre.  Nik and I are hoping for a delay in the morning because we’re also supposed to get some freezing rain tonight.  But I doubt it’s going to happen.  The … Continue reading

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Things accomplished tonight

1.  Paid most of my bills for the month… 2.  …including my last car payment EVER!  HIP HIP HOORAY!! (At least for my Camry!) 3.  Bought Mom a plane ticket to come for Mother’s Day weekend and my bridal shower, … Continue reading

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How Mom spends her days

A few weeks ago, my students were doing a unit about writing about habitual activities.  For part of their unit test, they were instructed to write about the daily activities of “Ms. Judge’s mother.”  (I told them they could write … Continue reading

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My new clothes

In Greece, it’s traditional for the future mother-in-law to take the future daughter-in-law shopping for a new outfit.  So yesterday, Nik’s mom and I went shopping and here is what she bought me! From Ann Taylor: And, (after searching in … Continue reading

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And so it begins

Nik and I had our first pre-marital counseling session with Pastor Stan today.  Today was mostly spent telling our “how we met” story to Pastor Stan so he could get to know us a little bit better.  While our time … Continue reading

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In honor of the heat wave

(Because it’s now 75 degrees at 11:30 am) “What dreadful weather hot weather we have!  It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.” Jane Austen, Letter of September 18, 1796. “Too hot to go to church?  What about HELL?” … Continue reading

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And in local news…

It’s currently 70 degrees in Baltimore, at 10:15 in the morning!  Ridiculous!  Especially since the Alaska fam are experiencing some extreme winter! I walked to the Farmer’s Market this morning and tried out my new shoes in the process.  It … Continue reading

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