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Another Cryptic Sewing Post

Pretty much everything I’m going to sew between now and Christmas is a secret.  I love sharing about what I’m sewing though so I’m just going to keep on giving you cryptic sewing posts!  I’ll reveal all after December 25th!  … Continue reading

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Speaking of Squirrels…

If you ask Ellie where the squirrels are, this is what she does: Points out the window! She really does love to point.  One of these days, I guess we’ll have to teach her that it’s not polite to point, … Continue reading

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Mom, Meggan, Jon, Leah?

Don’t worry.  I was only joking.  We only kept one chocolate bar (thank you Jon and Leah!) and we only kept half the tea.  And we only kept half the tea because Dad didn’t have room for all of it … Continue reading

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Continuing the squirrel theme…(and a baby pie!)

In honor of Ellie’s obsession with squirrels, I decorated our Thanksgiving apple pie with a squirrel. The poor little guy shrunk a little during the baking process.  That’s his head on the left and the tail on the right. And … Continue reading

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Ellie LOVES squirrels.  She loves them so much that the very mention of the word, “squirrel,” is enough to distract her from crying over a [forbidden] object or a little hurt. **Cue the dogs from Up.** Anyway, we rarely actually … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Grandpa! Thanks for the tea!

My dad is in the air as we speak, on his way back to Alaska.  It was wonderful having him with us, and especially nice to be able to spend Thanksgiving with him.  I haven’t been with my family for … Continue reading

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Two whole years!

Happy Birthday Gracie! We love you very much!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are grateful for oh so many things; but in the spirit of the most important thing on Thanksgiving Day, we want to give thanks to the many people who have made our Thanksgiving meal possible. Thank you to: … Continue reading

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November Sewing: Don’t you wish you knew what these were?

Hi!  I’m popping in to say that I’ve been sewing like a maniac and that’s why I’ve been so quiet.  I’ve been writing lots of blog posts in my head, taking lots of pictures to show you, and not actually … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Drew! Thanks for giving Nik such a fabulous flight this summer!

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