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Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

Our little Ellie isn’t so little anymore!  She’s three! In honor of her 3rd birthday, I made a little movie (with no sound) compiling pictures of her as she slept over the past three years.  I love how you can … Continue reading

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So How Do You Get Your Grumpy Almost-Three-Year-Old to Move to a New Spot for the Photo Shoot?

You RACE!! How do you like those jazz hands? on the way to the grumpy upset face because I stopped her from running any farther! 🙂

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Laura’s Top Ten Tips for Leaving the House Solo With Two Kids

I have several friends who are either very new mamas of two or are getting ready to have their second, so I thought I’d share my “Top Ten Tips” for leaving the house by yourself (i.e. with no other adults) … Continue reading

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If You Use Tylenol, You Should Read This

Yesterday, I listened to a terrifying This American Life show, “Use Only As Directed.” It details how frighteningly easy it is to overdose on Tylenol (rather, acetaminophen).  You only have to take something like 2.5 times the recommended dose over … Continue reading

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Mourning the Ultra-Productive Me

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been blogging very much over the past couple weeks.  That’s because I feel like I’m drowning, almost literally, in everything that I need to do.  Much of it is computer-related … Continue reading

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September Sewing: Hooray for Steph and Baby #2!

Two years ago, I made a “Here We Go” bag for my sister, Rachel in celebration of her second child’s birth.  Around the same time, my friend Steph was also expecting a baby and decided to make the same bag … Continue reading

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It’s the Greek Way!

Lately, we’ve been teaching Ellie how to give kisses the Greek way – one on each cheek.  She thinks this is very fun and so does it enthusiastically, particularly when we’re kissing goodnight.  Last week, she started giving us two … Continue reading

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