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I know I’m biased but…

isn’t the curve of her cheek the sweetest thing you ever saw? And on a related note (related to Ellie that is), it is amazing how much more laundry I’m doing these days.  And she can’t even run around and … Continue reading

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Ellie’s first tornado (and hopefully her last)

And my first tornado too, for that matter! Last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (a week and a half ago), a tornado hit NE Baltimore. at around 1:00 am  We were just blocks from where it touched down and pretty much directly … Continue reading

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Theo Nik

Nik’s uncle has been here visiting from Greece for about a week.  He flies out today.  It was fun for Ellie to meet one of her great-uncles!  I also enjoyed seeing Theo Nik again.  The last time we saw him … Continue reading

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Heads up!

Elllie is really holding her head up well now.  She’s a very strong little girl. She’s also not always a fan of the mei tai!

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Today I am grateful for this amazing man and this precious baby girl.  I am grateful for my loving family and friends.  I am grateful to have a warm dry house and plenty of food to eat.  I’m grateful to … Continue reading

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I love it when her lips go off center like this!And aren’t those cheeks delectable?

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“Cute” is the operative word around here

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I like big bottoms and I cannot lie

The first cloth diaper Ellie ever wore! Proof that we have finally entered the world of cloth diapering!  Mom did the hard work of preparing our prefolds for use and now we’re finally using them.  For those who know about … Continue reading

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Update – We’re already at 7 weeks!

Ellie is 7 weeks old already!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since our lives changed so dramatically.  We love every day with her.  Certainly not every day has been easy but we are still so grateful … Continue reading

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Simple Gifts

I just came across this video and the beauty of the music as well as the choreography made me cry.  (Not an unusual thing these days!) Hope you enjoy it too.

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