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Things could definitely be worse

So this weekend I have been dealing primarily with two people: The flexible bride: Kristen has been incredible.  She has made her preferences known but then if things have not gone exactly her way, it’s been OK.  We’ve changed some … Continue reading

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Because I don’t have time to write…

Amuse yourself by going and seeing what the moon looked like when you were born (or on any other random day that holds significance for you).  It’s pretty cool!  I was born under a full moon and Nik was born … Continue reading

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Ode to a Rug

Once you were beautiful, ivory, and clean.  You were purchased from IKEA with birthday money from my mother and it makes me sad to see you go.  But now, you’re not so ivory anymore, my bedroom is small and carpeted … Continue reading

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BB Guns and Moving

How’s that for a title?  One of my favorite students brought a BB gun and pellets to school today.  He took it out in the boys’ bathroom and another boy turned him in.  He is a great student and has … Continue reading

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The Final Installment of…

MY LEG IS GOING TO FALL OFF In fact, it’s not going to.  Because, not only did I not have bacterial or fungal infections, I don’t have Lyme and I have completely normal blood cell counts.  So basically, there was … Continue reading

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To Meggan

Thank you ever so much for the incredibly thoughtful and amazing birthday present.  Not only is it currently gracing and beautifying my bedroom wall, I am amused every time I look at it.  The thought that went into its selection … Continue reading

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Being 30 isn’t half bad

“Happy Birthday miss!”  “Happy Birthday miss!”  “Happy Birthday Miss Judge!” “Miss, is your birthday?  Happy Birthday!” “You not old!” “But miss, you no looks 30.  Really, I mean it.  You no looks 30!!” “Miss, are you glad that you’re 30?” … Continue reading

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The Last BLOG

At least the last blog entry of my 20s! I thought I should just make it official that tomorrow, I’m going to be old!  And so, to celebrate that fact, Nik, Kristen and Katie threw me a great fiesta last … Continue reading

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At least I know what I didn’t have

I didn’t have a bacterial infection.  (So I got a lot of “oh poor thing, she has a staph infection” sympathy for nothing.)  I didn’t have a fungal infection.  In fact, according to the cultures, there was nothing wrong with … Continue reading

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Moving Out

Our landlord just called and told us that they’ve rented our apartment for November 1st.  So that means we have less than a month in our beautiful apartment.  YIKES!!  I’d better get packing.  (We were hoping that this would happen … Continue reading

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