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Recipe: Mom’s Coffee Cake (easy enough to whip up on a weekend morning in time for breakfast!)

Here’s another one of my mother’s recipes (just like the rhubarb crisp) and it’s a quick and easy recipe that’s delicious enough even for Christmas morning!  (Seriously, it’s what we had for Christmas morning, 2012!)  If I think far enough … Continue reading

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Color Book Tutorial/Sew-Along, Part 6: Embroidering the Author and Title Pieces

This is Part Six of my Color Book Tutorial/Sew-Along.  For an introduction to this tutorial plus the finished book and links to all the other parts of this tutorial, see this post. Put away your sewing machine and get out … Continue reading

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Happy 6th Anniversary to Us!

We’ve been married six years! Hooray! To celebrate, Nik made me a heart pizza at our covenant group’s end-of-year potluck.  Then I cut it up and ate it. (Lots of puns about hearts followed.) I love you Nik!  I’m so … Continue reading

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Let’s Go For A Little Balance, OK?

I’ve been seeing lots of posts over the past few months related to this post, entitled, Dear Mom on the iPhone.  In it, the author basically tells moms that we’re missing out on a ton with our children because we … Continue reading

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Mark Says, “I’m Going To Learn How To Crawl…

…sooner than Ellie did because… …I have to escape from the tender, loving embraces of my big sister.”

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Two Kids On Yiayia’s Lap

Fun, fun, fun! 🙂

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June Sewing: Pants For Mark

Amid all the color book sewing, I managed to fit in some pants for Mark.  Lucky for me, they are super easy, quick (just a couple hours) and fun! I used the super fun giraffe fabric originally intended for the … Continue reading

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What Happens to You When You Have A Big Sister

Toys just miraculously appear on your head!

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Life Hack: Take Advantage of the Library

This post is dedicated to my friends Jana and Christie, two fabulous librarians! My sister asked me to share more of my life hacks (in a comment on this post) so here’s another one that makes our lives easier and … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Google Reader. Hello Feedly.

This is my obligatory post in which I warn you that Google Reader has less than a month to go before it dies.  And I’ll also remind you that if you read my blog through Google Reader, you’ll need to … Continue reading

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