November Sewing: Stars for Baby Star

A young friend of mine had a baby in November.  I pulled the fabric for her blanket and then realized that she was planning on naming her little girl, “Star.” Hoping she would think this was fun and not overly cutesy, I made her the blanket anyway!

019 (800x800) 020 (800x800)I can’t decide if I like two-color detail stitching or not.  Thoughts?

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8 Responses to November Sewing: Stars for Baby Star

  1. sewandsee says:

    Stunning I love the detail of 2 color stitching…very very pretty

  2. ElizK says:

    I love the two colors! The instant I saw the photo, I thought, “I need to remember that!” Then I saw your comment 🙂 Fun!!

    • Laura says:

      Thank you! I’m not sure why I’m not sure about it. Maybe I should have had less of a contrast between the two thread colors? Anyway, I think I will try it again, just for fun!

  3. berrold says:

    I thought exactly the same as ElizK, love the 2 colour stitching and as I’ve got 2 baby blankets to work on i think i might give it a try too

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