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Finish It Up Friday – Update #4 – Finally, The Dress Has Six Buttons!

I came disastrously close to not having anything to share this week.  I used up my weekend sewing time on two new projects (these baby blankets) and then I’ve had a sad, sick boy on my hands this week.  Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Classics Club, Book #1: Pride and Prejudice

This is my first post for The Classics Club.  I’ll be reading one classic book a month for the next 4-5 years.  Here’s the list of all the books I’ll be reading.  I’ll try not to include too many spoilers … Continue reading

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January Sewing: Two Baby Blankets (and some thoughts about mastery and 10,000 hours)

Here are the two projects I referred to in this post as the “new sewing I’m allowed to do because they have deadlines.” For our friends Joella and Bryan, who are having a baby boy: because who doesn’t need some … Continue reading

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Recipe: Winter Squash Risotto (with my apologies to Meggan)

This winter squash risotto is amazingly good.  You might call it a “gateway risotto” because once you eat it, all of a sudden you’ll start making all kinds of risotto.  Although it requires a lot of stirring, it’s surprising easy … Continue reading

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He Drinks! From A Cup!

Mark is accumulating new skills right and left.  Here he is drinking from a cup, all by himself!  We don’t trust him to have it on his tray by himself yet but he definitely understands how to use it! You’ll … Continue reading

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Finish It Up Friday – Update #3 – Snoozer Lives Again!

I just finished one thing this week – Nik’s T-shirt quilt!  I need a helper around to take pictures of the whole thing so I’ll post them in a separate post.  But here’s proof of the finished applique! “Snoozer” and … Continue reading

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Classics Club: Book Picks

Thanks to everyone for all your great suggestions!!  I’m over 50 at this point so this project may actually end up taking me five years to finish.  I’ve had grand plans of planning out the entire five years in advance … Continue reading

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I’m Stocked Up On Peanut Butter and Arborio Rice. How Are You Doing?

We made a mad dash for Trader Joe’s this morning to stock up on peanut butter because who wants to be house bound if you’re out of peanut butter?  We also bought arborio rice because what if I want to … Continue reading

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Finish It Up Friday – Update #2

I did all the fast, easy projects last week so I don’t have many to cross off the list this week.  But I am making progress on finishing up Nik’s quilt.  I also fixed the office shades (a couple of … Continue reading

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It’s Only Fair After All

If Mark gets to sleep in the doll bed, Ellie should too! 🙂 much better with a blanket! 🙂

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