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How can you not be in love with this little girl?!?!?!

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Movie Week, Version 2.0, Day Six (the end)

Ellie has adopted a fake laugh for the time when she’s not totally into laughing and yet she wants to be polite.

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10,000 hours

Malcolm Gladwell, in Outliers, talks about how we need to do something for at least 10,000 hours in order to truly master it.  I also just came across this quote from Ira Glass (found here and here and all over … Continue reading

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It’s over

Dear Miss Mary Mack, Remember how I said I’d love you forever?  I was wrong.  That was so two months ago.  Your little song doesn’t do a thing for me now.  I’m seven months old (today!) and I have better … Continue reading

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Movie Week, Version 2.0, Day Five

She’s been rolling for quite awhile now but this is the first time we’ve managed to catch it on video.

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Ellie’s destiny

As some but probably not all of Salmon and Souvlaki’s readers may know, my husband LOVES tennis.  He coaches tennis at the high school where he works as well as plays it, watches it, and talks about it.  Sadly, I’ve … Continue reading

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Movie Week, Version 2.0, Day Four

These days, she wants to have whatever we have.  Consequently, napkins are really fun and desirable.

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