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We Were Warned This Would Happen With a Boy (plus Black Friday shopping is finished! and happy kids on the piano!)

On Monday, Mark was running FAST (as he always does), tripped on who knows what, and slammed his face onto a little chair at our art table.  Blood poured out of his mouth and eventually I figured out that he’d … Continue reading

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I LOVE All The Toddler Inter-Species Nursing That’s Going On Around Here!

Last Tuesday, we took an early morning walk (mainly to avoid the extreme heat). Bear and Joey (as in, kangaroo baby joey) came along and they needed a lot of nursing that morning.* Sometimes, Mark asks to put on a … Continue reading

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Cute Children, Singing

My apologies for overwhelming you with videos this week! Ellie has been teaching Mark her Sunday School songs and here’s one. And, finally, I prove to you that Ellie has progressed beyond “Chukka, chukka, oh wah die” when it comes … Continue reading

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Poor Neglected Second Child

He’s forced to use a bag for a backpack because I haven’t gotten around to sewing him one. For the record, even though I did sew one for his sister, she seems to prefer a bag too. Silly kids! 🙂 … Continue reading

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First Fig of the Summer! Opa!

Our fig trees were killed back almost to the ground by last winter’s crazy cold and snow.  Now, thankfully, they’re growing great and last week we found one ripe fig!  Ellie, Nik, and I enjoyed it greatly although Ellie was … Continue reading

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Ellie Learns To Somersault

On Sunday, Ellie was in the somersault position and asking how to flip when we realized that we hadn’t ever taught her how to do it!  Probably many kids don’t need any lessons but Ellie is definitely more on the … Continue reading

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So About That Unschooling Thing? (and my new blog money making scheme)

A few months ago, I wrote about our approach to Ellie’s (and Mark’s) education – basically ignoring it.  About a month later, Nik, Ellie, and Mark were sitting outside enjoying a unseasonably warm December afternoon when Ellie asked to draw.  … Continue reading

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He Drinks! From A Cup!

Mark is accumulating new skills right and left.  Here he is drinking from a cup, all by himself!  We don’t trust him to have it on his tray by himself yet but he definitely understands how to use it! You’ll … Continue reading

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Mark Doesn’t Like the Ravens Either (who, by the way, are NOT the world champions)

Mark is in the very fun phase where he’s always shaking his head no (although, obviously, he doesn’t know what he’s saying).  For some reason, he only does it when he’s sitting in his chair for meals.  I figured I … Continue reading

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Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

Our little Ellie isn’t so little anymore!  She’s three! In honor of her 3rd birthday, I made a little movie (with no sound) compiling pictures of her as she slept over the past three years.  I love how you can … Continue reading

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