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A Busy Saturday

Saturday morning, this is what I got at the Farmers’ Market: Pretty slim pickings right now but pay closer attention to these: What you see is a praying mantis egg case and a piece of sassafras wood.  The asparagus (in … Continue reading

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Finish It! Friday

From this (although I’d already been working for awhile when I remembered to take a picture, it was definitely worse): to this (note that Dillingham is no longer swimming in algae-infested waters): And also, I finished my corn sack! And, … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

Nik likes to call this picture, “Cutting the Grass, Wendell Berry Style”  See our nice, new push mower?  Nik likes it much better than our old, smelly, heavy gas mower! (These are peonies, right?  I didn’t even know we had … Continue reading

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I’m glad Mom remembered!

I’m on break –  so I’m glad Mom and Zona reminded me about Poetry Thursday! Here’s the next middle school installment… THOUGHTS ON GETTING OUT OF A NICE WARM BED IN AN ICE-COLD HOUSE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM AT … Continue reading

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I’m starting to think this is going to be a very long project…

Well (which is, as Granny would say, a very deep subject for such a shallow mind! [She did say that, right?]), I’ve been working on the Roman shade project since lunchtime and I only have two of the three shades … Continue reading

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Christos Anesti!Alithos anesti!  Christu uyirthezhunnettu! Theerchayayum uyirthezhunnettu!  (That’s supposed to be Malayalam)Christ is Risen!He is Risen Indeed!Hallelujah!    

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Here’s what I have to finish: That’s the fabric that is supposed to be Roman shades for our office.  Then I also need to put on the slipcover that Tina just got us for the loveseat in the office.  It’s … Continue reading

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Three reasons to be Happy

1.  It’s Spring Break and I don’t have to teach until Monday, March 31st! 2.  I have a sexy new hair cut! Actually, I just have a sexy new hairstyle, thanks to Valerie, my hairstylist who used a flat iron, … Continue reading

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And Meggan is the winner again!

Even though she didn’t spell it correctly!  The correct spelling is onomatopoeia, which is using words that sound like the sound they are describing.  Think old-school Batman “Bam!  Bang!  Boom!”  I’ll have to think of another prize for Meggan.  It … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday

A continuation of our series, “Poems Even a Middle Schooler Will Like.” Clatter by Joyce Armor If I should list my favorite words, They’d sound a lot like this: Rumble, crash, snort, jangle, thump, Roar, fizzle, splat, moo, hiss. Not … Continue reading

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