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Possums and Fashion Advice (because those two things are totally related)

Today, Ellie and Mark would like you to see their clips (in case you need some ideas for how to get dressed up for your Memorial Day weekend festivities). Ellie put in her own (her new skill, remember?) and Mark … Continue reading

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Mark Teaches Himself to Read With Pulitzer Prize Winning Books and Other Things That Are Most Certainly Definitely Absolutely True

Did you know that… 1.  Mark has taught himself to read?  He’s been using Willa Cather’s novels as his reading primers. 2. Houghton College will be spending $84 million to construct a giant geodome around it to eliminate winter entirely … Continue reading

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Pi Day Celebration! (FAIL)

I have to admit that often I think, “Oooo, we should do this for the blog.  It would be funny.” Sometimes it works, like when I get the kids to sing a cute song.  Other times, it fails miserably and … Continue reading

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A Conflicted Valentine’s Day Haiku For You

My old Xanga blog is now available on this blog, and as I’ve been reading back through it, I found a forgotten aspect of my life: haiku writing.  I used to love writing haikus.  So, here’s a 2015 Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

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“My Wife’s Brother’s Wife’s Dad’s Second Cousin”

I’ve made it no secret that I’m related to Joe Flacco.  We haven’t managed to turn this close familial connection into season tickets for the Ravens yet (not that I really want them) but Nik did manage to work it … Continue reading

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1000 Posts Giveaway Winner!

After a crazy week last week (baby puking is never fun), I’m finally back to announce the giveaway winner! Ellie had a lot of fun choosing pulling out the piece of paper, which announced that the winners are… Jennie and … Continue reading

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A Giveaway in Celebration of 1,000 Posts!

Sometime in the beginning of January, I published my 1,000th post on this blog.*  I had grand plans of this post being exactly my 1000th post but in all the flurry of posting about Christmas sewing, reading, and Mark’s birthday, … Continue reading

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What Nathan Sterner Really Meant When He Used the Venn Diagram Illustration

So last night, I posted a bunch of miscellaneous thoughts, including my story of how I heard Nathan Sterner misusing the term “Venn diagram” and how that prompted me to donate to the pledge campaign.  Well, somewhere in the middle … Continue reading

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Bagels and Fur Elise: How We Spent Our Snow Day

Welcome to Snow Day #427.  I never thought I’d say this (because what teacher doesn’t  love a snow day?) but we’re getting tired of them.  At this point, we’re over our allocated days and there’s the possibility of losing vacation … Continue reading

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I’m Stocked Up On Peanut Butter and Arborio Rice. How Are You Doing?

We made a mad dash for Trader Joe’s this morning to stock up on peanut butter because who wants to be house bound if you’re out of peanut butter?  We also bought arborio rice because what if I want to … Continue reading

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