September/October Sewing: Juggling, Twirling, and Writing, Oh My!

So as not to make a bunch more small sewing posts, here are my final three sewing projects from Fall 2014.

First, every year, I made my sister-in-law a set of cards for her birthday.  This year, I sewed ribbon onto card stock and I figure that counts as a sewing project, right?

062 (800x533)063 (800x533)my two favorite color combinations

My nephew’s birthday is in October.  To go along with his juggling book present, I made him a set of small bean bags (well, really feed corn bags) for him to use while juggling.

012 (800x533)It appears I am obsessed with monograms.

Finally, one Sunday afternoon, I stopped sewing what I should have been sewing and Ellie and I spent a lovely hour sewing together.  I cut up a vintage pillowcase that I’ve been hoarding for years, added some ribbon from a friend’s wedding, and used a super easy tutorial to make her a fun skirt.  I think she’s only worn it once since but that’s OK. The experience was perhaps better for my soul than anything else.

017 (800x533) 016 (533x800)

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3 Responses to September/October Sewing: Juggling, Twirling, and Writing, Oh My!

  1. Mom says:

    Do you remember standing beside me while I sewed your doll? I can’t remember how old you were, but maybe a bit older than Ellie. I treasure that memory!

    • Laura says:

      I definitely remember that, Mom! And I still have it upstairs. Ellie plays with it sometimes, although it needs a little TLC to restore its face to full function.

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