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Happy Birthday Addie and Ezra!

Ezra turned 4 on Monday and Addie turns 5 on Thursday.  So we’re splitting the difference and posting late night on Tuesday!  We hope you both had/have great birthdays!  It was so fun seeing you in Alaska! Love, Auntie Laura, … Continue reading

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Please don’t judge me

If you come over to my house this weekend, you might walk around and think, “Hmm.  This place is a [more than a ] little messy.  The bathtub looks like it could use a good scrub.  There’s crumbs all over … Continue reading

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OK. Fine. I lied.

Just a little joke.  (Did you really believe me?  I’ve got to stop being sarcastic!) I’m not going to abandon blogging about sewing, Ellie, or Alaska.  But I probably will write all those blog posts that I promised at the … Continue reading

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How to eat steel cut oats for breakfast without getting up before sunrise.

In our quest to eliminate all processed food from our diet, cold cereal was one holdout.  If we stopped buying cold cereal, what in the world would we eat for breakfast?  I make our own bagels but we don’t like … Continue reading

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My Grand Monetizing Scheme

That’s it. No more cute posts about Ellie and sewing. Oh no. I’m all about making money now and I have a grand monetizing scheme. No more posts about Alaska either.  (And did I mention no more posts about Ellie?) … Continue reading

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Alaska, Summer 2011, Part 3: Fishing?

Part 3 in a series about our trip to Alaska in late June through mid-July, 2011.  Alaska is known for great fishing. Salmon, halibut, rainbow trout, and … little fishies?

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June Sewing – The Cute

I did have time for one fun sewing project in June.  Ellie didn’t have any pants in her current size of clothing because who needs pants in Baltimore in the summer?  So I made her a pair for our trip … Continue reading

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