A Conflicted Valentine’s Day Haiku For You

My old Xanga blog is now available on this blog, and as I’ve been reading back through it, I found a forgotten aspect of my life: haiku writing.  I used to love writing haikus.  So, here’s a 2015 Valentine’s Day haiku for you (here’s some from 2008):

I love you so much!
(Did Hallmark make me say that?)
It’s true, anyway.

I despise Valentine’s Day because it’s such a trumped holiday designed to get us to spend all kinds of money on child/slave-labor-poisoned chocolate, roses flown in with non-renewable oil from Africa, greetings cards which will be read and discarded (and probably not even recycled), plus you feel terrible about yourself if you’re not in a relationship but at least you can feel superior about all the needless consumption just going on and on and you not participating in it and…..

But, in spite of myself, I find myself hugging Nik and telling him “I love you so much even though I hate myself for feeling like I need to tell you this today.” I also just made a chocolate cake to celebrate with my family because, it’s Valentine’s Day! There should be cake!

So, conflicted or not, from our family to you, here’s a lot of non-commercial, no-purchase-required, from-the-heart love!

088 (640x640)


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1 Response to A Conflicted Valentine’s Day Haiku For You

  1. karynme says:

    Regardless of how one feels about Valentine’s Day, I LOVE this picture of you and your children! It’s beautiful in capturing a simple moment. 🙂

    We’re not real “commercial” around here either, but we celebrate with homemade cards (mostly because I think pink and red are so fun together) and try to surprise friends who might otherwise not receive a Valentine. Our other tradition is to have cheese fondue together as a family on Valentine’s Day evening. YUM!

    Enjoy your cake!

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