Finish Up Friday: 2015 Edition, Update #1 – I accomplished a few things! (Plus – THIS COLD!!)

Of course, I didn’t work on the dining room shades this week (did anyone really think that I would?) but I did sew a few other things.

What I accomplished this week:

  1. I fixed my black tank top.  The strap had gotten stuck in the washing machine.  It was an easy mending job, one I had no reason to put off for months and months, except that I hate mending.
  2. I sewed the last few details on Mark’s doll’s clothes.  I forgot to put this on my original list but I started them in July so they definitely count as a WIP!  I also made some good progress on the doll hair base but I still have a couple more rows of that plus I need to add the actual hair.  003 (800x533)
  3. I fixed the living room shade.  Basically, I had to rip out the Velcro at the top and let out the hem to add about another inch to the length to accommodate the window of our new door.  Now I just have to get it installed on the door.
  4. I also sewed a manger scene and wrote the tutorial.  That’s an item off my “what I really want to sew” list but I couldn’t resist!

The List (as of 2/20/2015) – It’s longer than last week because, of course, I remember more things I have to do.

  1. Add Mark’s doll hair and the feet too (this is a project that will never end)
  2. Quilt the table runner that I almost finished last spring
  3. Fix the office shade that just keeps breaking
  4. Finish the dining room shades that I have been avoiding for 3 YEARS
  5. Fix the ripped gray skirt.
  6. Hem Nik’s new gray pants.
  7. Alter Nik’s Under Armour shirt so it fits him.

I’m linking up with Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts. I’ll be back next Friday to let you know how I’m doing!


And on a complete unrelated note, this cold is insane! I was supposed to be -2 last night and I think tonight’s low is predicted to be 3.  I feel like I’m back home, or at least in Anchorage.  The cold is nothing like it was in Glennallen but it’s definitely a cold winter day in Anchorage here!  The ice was way up our windows this morning when we opened the blinds.  I had forgotten how lovely the frost is when the sun comes through your windows.

002 (800x533) 001 (800x533)ice all the way up to that line that I drew

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