Finish It Up Friday 2016: You Know What They Say About the Shoemaker’s Children, Right?

Updated 1/9/16 – I split the sewing list into two sections plus added more things to the “currently in progress” section.

I’ve decided to embrace the fact that I need some public accountability to help me get certain sewing projects done.  So this will probably become an annual tradition for me, to post my list of projects I have to force myself to finish before getting to move on to the fun stuff!  This year, I’ve decided to put current unfinished projects on the list along with projects I have not started but have been moving from list to list for far too long.  So my “Finish It Up” list looks a bit different than last year’s.

First, the items that are currently in progress (and/or should have been done by Christmas time):

  1. Hem Nik’s new pants – two pairs, having been sitting in my sewing room since August (what a kind patient husband I have).
    • finished them last night! 🙂IMG_1829 (800x600)
  2. Hem a friend’s pants, who honored me with the request.
  3. Move the cuff buttons over so I can wear my new blouse.
  4. Finish the baby bibs that were given to me to complete so that we could sell them at the 2015 Advent Bazaar. Ooops, I forgot, we’ll sell them in 2016!)
  5. Make corn sacks for J, J, and A – three special people in my kids’ lives.
  6. Fix two of our office Roman shades (annoyingly, the little plastic rings just keep on breaking)
  7. Sew 1 baby blanket in blue
  8. Sew 4 baby birds (like this one)
  9. Fix the sweater ball
  10. Design and finish three final Handmade Christmas 2015 projects (because no, I’m still not done)

Second, these are the items that I’ve had on my list to sew for over a year (in some cases, many years)

  1. Sew a large neutral tablecloth for our dining room table (have had the fabric since spring 2013)
  2. Actually get the dining room shades installed – clearly I should not have allowed myself to cross that one off the list.
  3. Make an apron for Mark – currently the poor guy has to wear one that’s way too big for him.
  4. Sew hot pads for us (and a tutorial for you)
  5. Design and sew a new bathroom curtain. (This one I just put on the list this week but we really need it)


This year, I’m also adding “read the books that are actually in my house” to my “Finish It Up” list.  I have so many books sitting in my “to-read” pile that I just keep on ignoring in favor of new and exciting books from the library.  So, I’ve banned myself from requesting new library books until either I’ve read all of these or decided that I just need to give away or return them. (There are also a few books on the pile which I already have from the library.)

029 (800x800)

From top to bottom:

Library books still to read:

  1. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham (I’ve already read and love this one but need to skim it in review for a book club on 1/30)
  2. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – the real one and a graphic novel version (both for my Classics Club January pick)
  3. Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne- We love his other book, Simplicity Parenting so I’m excited to read this one.
  4. Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell

Books borrowed from friends and family:

  1. Unclean by Richard Beck – I’m about half way through this one and have really been thinking a lot about the implications of his arguments.
  2. The Wisdom of Stability by Wilson Hargrove
  3. That Distant Land by Wendell Berry
  4. Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry
  5. First Impressions by Sarah Price
  6. Road Song by Natalie Kusz
  7. Creed or Chaos by Dorothy Sayers
  8. Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins

Books we own:

  1. The Quotidian Mysteries by Kathleen Norris (I’ve been almost done with this for probably two years and it’s SO good but somehow, I haven’t read that last quarter or so of it.)
  2. Gender and Grace by Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen (I read this in college but I’d like to read it again.)
  3. Intimate Allies by Dan Allender and Tremper Longman


[In case you don’t know it], the saying goes that it’s the shoemakers kids who never have any shoes to wear.  I feel like I treat my poor family like that sometimes too. So I’m determined to finish up a few things for them and us this winter!

I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Finish It Up Friday.

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