To Meggan

Thank you ever so much for the incredibly thoughtful and amazing birthday present.  Not only is it currently gracing and beautifying my bedroom wall, I am amused every time I look at it.  The thought that went into its selection must have taken an immense amount of time and research.  I am also looking forward to receiving the related presents that have been promised to arrive throughout the year.  (They’d better come!)  You, my dear, are a truly amazing sister-in-law!


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2 Responses to To Meggan

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    im not sure where the sarcasm begins and ends, but im really glad you like it…it also came with a mini one, if you need it for school…otherwise we’ll keep it around here, and ahem, enjoy it with you!

  2. jjandlj says:

    We were showing a friend our photos from Alaska and a photo of “jon’s oldest sister who’s 30” came up. They said, “Wow, she doesn’t look 30!” I thought you’d like to know!We hope to talk to you before Monday when we fly out!

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