At least I know what I didn’t have

I didn’t have a bacterial infection.  (So I got a lot of “oh poor thing, she has a staph infection” sympathy for nothing.)  I didn’t have a fungal infection.  In fact, according to the cultures, there was nothing wrong with me.  (Obviously, there was.)  But, after I described my symptoms to the doctor at my appointment this evening (including the new rash that formed after I started taking the antibiotics and  my flu like symptoms for one night), she ordered two more blood tests: a CBC (complete blood count) which measures for white blood cell activity and for Lyme disease.  So here’s hoping that I DON’T have Lyme but if I do, I guess it will be good that it was caught early on.  I did go hiking on Labor Day in PA so if I have it, I probably got it then.  And this concludes yet another chapter in the never-ending saga of “My leg is going to fall off.”

TO BE CONTINUED (when the lab results come back)

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One Response to At least I know what I didn’t have

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    when you told me you had a circle, i wondered about lyme’s…either way, here’s hoping your leg does not fall off.

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