Things could definitely be worse

So this weekend I have been dealing primarily with two people:

The flexible bride:
Kristen has been incredible.  She has made her preferences known but then if things have not gone exactly her way, it’s been OK.  We’ve changed some things that we’ve needed to change and it’s been OK.  Her dress was altered in a way that still looks beautiful but was not perhaps 100% envisioned.  But that’s OK – we’ve gone with it.  All in all, she deserves a button that says, “You’re dealing with a FLEXIBLE bride.”  That’s been our slogan for her.  She has made my job of bridal assistant/wedding rehearsal coordinator easy and a pleasure.

In contrast

The demanding nephew:
Last night on the phone on the occasion of Noah’s 6th birthday, I called him (on the way home from the rehearsal dinner)
me:  Hi Noah!  Happy Birthday!  It’s Auntie Laura!
Noah:  Did you send me anything?
me:  Oh, I’m so sorry Noah!  I’ve been so busy because my friend is getting married tomorrow.  But I did buy your present and I promise I’ll send it next week.  Guess who helped pick it out?  Nik!
Noah:  I know what it is.  Mario Brothers!!!
me:  No but you’ll find out!
[at the end of the conversation]
me:  I love you Noah.  I have to go now so let me talk to your mommy or daddy OK?
Noah:  Aren’t you going to sing me Happy Birthday?
[So I did]

At least, he knows what he wants! To his credit, he’s been getting a lot of packages in the mail (as the priviledged oldest grandchild on both sides) from relatives so he’s pretty much right in expecting that all far-away relatives would be sending him things!

I do have to say that I far prefer a demanding nephew to a demanding bride!

I must be off to shower, finish Kristen’s laundry, collect all her church and honeymoon bags, transport all of that plus THE DRESS to the church,  finish the reception hall with Patty, get changed myself, help the bride with “more makeup” advice, help run the picture session, be the “walk in now” person for the ceremony, help keep the reception on time, do a little bit of cleanup, and then, finally, get to ride home with Nik to spend my last night in my apartment.  Although I have spent many a night alone here, it will be strange to be here alone knowing that Kristen will not be coming back again.  I think it will be a little less hard knowing that after tomorrow I won’t be here either.  It will be quite a day.

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3 Responses to Things could definitely be worse

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    ::in his defense, you aways mail him books, for no reason at all, so i think maybe he associates you with the magic mail fairy. it’s really cute-he’s just as thrilled with cards as he is with gifts. when we read them to him, he starts smiling really big, and he can’t stop.hope the wedding is as easy as a boxed cake mix in a 9×13 inch pan with powdered sugar on top.[but waaay more classy]

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    that was random, but hey, ive had cake on the mind for a few days.

  3. good job. Tell Kristin I am super impressed with her being a flexible bride, because somewhere along the way something will inevitably go wrong (hopefully her cake will be delivered), and thankfully she has her rock-star roommate to help her out. Good luck with everything.

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