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The Last BLOG

At least the last blog entry of my 20s! I thought I should just make it official that tomorrow, I’m going to be old!  And so, to celebrate that fact, Nik, Kristen and Katie threw me a great fiesta last … Continue reading

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At least I know what I didn’t have

I didn’t have a bacterial infection.  (So I got a lot of “oh poor thing, she has a staph infection” sympathy for nothing.)  I didn’t have a fungal infection.  In fact, according to the cultures, there was nothing wrong with … Continue reading

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Moving Out

Our landlord just called and told us that they’ve rented our apartment for November 1st.  So that means we have less than a month in our beautiful apartment.  YIKES!!  I’d better get packing.  (We were hoping that this would happen … Continue reading

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A Day Off and A Place to Live

I may not be Jewish but I do appreciate their holidays!  Today is Yom Kippur and Baltimore County Public Schools are not in session.  It’s nice to have a random day off and especially nice that this year it fell … Continue reading

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