Being 30 isn’t half bad

“Happy Birthday miss!”  “Happy Birthday miss!”  “Happy Birthday Miss Judge!”

“Miss, is your birthday?  Happy Birthday!”

“You not old!”

“But miss, you no looks 30.  Really, I mean it.  You no looks 30!!”

“Miss, are you glad that you’re 30?”

“I hope that Dumbarton will have more inspiring teachers like you.  I also hope that I would have you as my teacher again. 🙂  ONCE AGAIN, Happy Birthday!!”  [from a card]

“Miss, I am so sorry.  So so sorry.  I forgot to say happy birthday yesterday.  I’ll make it up to you!”

“I wish you best.”

“Happy Birthday Miss!”

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4 Responses to Being 30 isn’t half bad

  1. judgie86 says:

    adorable. . .i love and miss you kids 🙂

  2. jjandlj says:

    That is just too cute!  I agree-you no look old!

  3. n_peregrinus says:

    And if I say you look no older, will I be believed?I thought not. Not quite true, anyhow. It’s been rather a long time.Happy belated Birthday, Ms. Judge, in honor of birthdays past. 30’s not so bad; I’ve not noticed much of a difference.My affectionate regards to your obviously burgeoning family.

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