The Last BLOG

At least the last blog entry of my 20s!

I thought I should just make it official that tomorrow, I’m going to be old!  And so, to celebrate that fact, Nik, Kristen and Katie threw me a great fiesta last night!  We were at Nik’s house, he made fajitas, my friend Betsy made me her famous carrot cake, and we generally had a great time!  My friend Dee also drove up from DC and it was great to see her, especially because January was when we saw each other last.

To my siblings, I’ll let you know how the 3rd decade feels, since I’m the first one to enter it!

Here’s a picture of the beautiful cake platter (from Williams and Sonoma) that Kristen gave me!

And my currently listening CD is my present from Nik!

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3 Responses to The Last BLOG

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    im the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! of course i didnt mail your card, its just sitting here getting dusty, but i will mail it anyway. its offically the 9th on your side of the not old, youre aging quite beautifully, i would say. it seems your third decade is starting on a lovely foot.have a fabulous day.

  2. chunkychen says:

    aww, I hope it isn’t your last blog ever!

  3. judgie86 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER! I love you this much *Spreads arms super big* and if i were next to you I would give you a big kiss on the cheek 🙂 *SMACK* I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and i love you a ton. Be good 😉

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