BB Guns and Moving

How’s that for a title?  One of my favorite students brought a BB gun and pellets to school today.  He took it out in the boys’ bathroom and another boy turned him in.  He is a great student and has never given me any indication that he was anything other than fun-loving and good natured at heart.  His best friends are two of my other favorite, well-behaved students and he’s been learning English so quickly.  I had him as a low beginner last year and as a low intermediate this year and it’s been so fun to see him figuring out English and advancing so quickly.  They think he just brought the gun to school to show to his friends – he didn’t threaten anyone and I don’t think they had to call the police or anthing like that.  Nonetheless, he probably will be expelled.  My heart is sad tonight for him and his family.   It was just a huge, tragic mistake.

And in other news, packing is coming right along.  Nik brought me dinner last night (grilled mahi mahi enchiladas with cilantro-jalepeno sauce – yummy!) and then helped me pack for a couple hours.  As he discovered as he packed them, I have a ridiculous amount of books.  Eight paper boxes worth of books, to be exact, and that’s after taking out at least another box’s worth to give to the Book Thing and separating out more to give to family and friends.  (That doesn’t count grad school or college textbooks either.)  I was getting a little frustrated with myself – “WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF?”  And then I realized that the answer is, “Because I’m 30!”  So there you go.  I’m allowed to have accumulated some things in 30 years of life.  And in fact, because I’m so old, I’d say I’ve done pretty good to only accumulate this much!  I should have at least 4-5 more boxes of books! I have tomorrow off from school (praise the Lord for that gift) so I’ll be packing all day and then Nik’s coming over in the afternoon and I think we’ll start moving some stuff over to my new house.  Then John Decker is bringing his truck on Saturday morning to help me move some furniture and I have a couple friends coming to help as well.  I’m hoping to be done with the majority of the moving by lunchtime on Saturday.  I have other things I have to accomplish this weekend besides moving.  I’ll be glad when the moving is over.  I’m not actually moving out of my apartment until the 29th.  Kristen and I are calling next week, “camping” – because we’ll have no furniture left!  I’d better get back to packing!

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