And in local news…

It’s currently 70 degrees in Baltimore, at 10:15 in the morning!  Ridiculous!  Especially since the Alaska fam are experiencing some extreme winter! I walked to the Farmer’s Market this morning and tried out my new shoes in the process.  It was a great way to start my morning.

Nik and I are having lunch with his mother today, because it’s her name day.  (Her name is Fotini, which you’ll see listed on January 6th) We’re going to Ikaros, a Greek restaurant just around the corner from Samos, the Greek restaurant that we took Eric, Meggan, and kids to in September.

This morning, I’ve already had a good cry after listening to this NPR story, “The Ground We Lived On: A Father’s Last Days.”  It’s a daughter documenting the last months of her 85-year old father’s life as he is dying of cancer.  You hear his voice a lot, along with hers.  It’s an amazing story – one that Kristen told me about a couple months ago but I just had time to listen to today.  It’s well worth the few minutes spent listening to it!

“Our voices are the ground we’ve lived on, so we keep talking, even about his leaving me,” she says.

(And I think that’s the most links I’ve ever put in one blog entry!)

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