How Mom spends her days

A few weeks ago, my students were doing a unit about writing about habitual activities.  For part of their unit test, they were instructed to write about the daily activities of “Ms. Judge’s mother.”  (I told them they could write fiction – because obviously, they don’t really know what Mom does every day.)

So, in case you were wondering, here is what Mom does every day.


  • calls her daughter
  • goes shopping and comes home with many things
  • usually eats lunch at the mall
  • does exercises and jumps like a monkey.  Then she eats bananas for breakfast.
  • reads the newspaper to know what’s going on in the
  • is a hard worker.
  • takes cooking and music classes.
  • eats dinner for her stomach
  • is a very busy and active mother
  • makes breakfast for the family and then eats her breakfast
    after everybody else. 
  • is a very lovely mother
  • drives her car to the market to buy food.  Next she drives to go home and sleep.  Finally her family goes to the hotel and
    sleeps.  She is very tired.
  • plays computer
  • has breakfast with a cup of tea
  • cleans the bath mat in her clean bathroom and cleans her beautiful bedroom.  After that she takes a nap and wakes up and
    cooks her dinner.  Then her lovely son
    comes back and eats her big dinner and does his work in his small bedroom.
  • plays basketball in the park with her friends.

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3 Responses to How Mom spends her days

  1. nanacilla says:

    So THAT’S what I do!  No wonder I’m tired at the end of the day!

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    i wonder how much of this is true to their life, and how much they wish was their life.

  3. umm, I just wanted to say that I like you a lot, and I am very glad that you are getting married. it’s pretty fun. I like it better than not being married. nanacilla sounds like a crazy woman!

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