And so it begins

Nik and I had our first pre-marital counseling session with Pastor Stan today.  Today was mostly spent telling our “how we met” story to Pastor Stan so he could get to know us a little bit better.  While our time with him was good, it also just all feels overwhelming.  He gave us the Taylor-Johnson Temperment Analysis to take.  It’s 180 questions that we have to answer for ourselves and each other.  So really 360.  That’s going to take awhile!  We will be meeting with him some more times and then also they will be assigning us a mentor couple from the church.  I’m thankful for that – Nik and I had talked about wanting that but weren’t really sure how to find a couple to connect to.  We just have so much to talk about, plan, and do between now and June 23rd.  (And that’s not to mention be teachers too!)  So anyway, I’m glad that this is a 3-day weekend.  Nik’s car is out of commission and not worth fixing so this weekend we’re on the hunt for a new [to us] car.  Wish us luck!

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  1. nutmeggmama says:

    eric and i took personality tests for ourselves and each other too. it was really cool because though we are so different, we did really really well at answering for the other person. oh no about the car-after you put a 1000 in work in???

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