That was my number.

My jury duty number.

8:15 – I arrived, checked in.

$15 – my pay for the day (in cash).

11:15 – They called 001-400 to go into Courtroom 400.  So we went.  Sadly, out of those 400 numbers, only about 60-70 people actually showed up.  (A sad commentary on how many people treat what should be everyone’s civic duty.)  We filed in, sat down, looked at the lawyers, the defendant, the bailiff, waited 10 minutes.

The courtroom (and entire courthouse) was built in 1900 – and gorgeous.

“All rise for the Honorable Judge…blah, blah, blah”

“Ladies and Gentleman case #[I don’t remember} has been resolved. You may return to the waiting room.”  (I didn’t even get to answer any questions about who or what I hated or did or did not believe in!)

12:30 – 1:45 – my lunch break (the longest lunch break I’ve had in years).  Walking to the harbor downtown, enjoying the brisk, sunny day.

All of it – how much grading I got done

One Agatha Christie and the February Good Housekeeping – how much other reading I did.

4:00 – [From the Jury Commissioner] – “Ladies and Gentlemen – As you know, a judge can call for a jury as late at 4:00 [long pause]…but luckily, none did!!  You’re free to go!”  (A mean trick, that one was!)

REST – what the Lord knew I needed today.

Jury duty was a blessing in disguise.

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2 Responses to 01312007-199

  1. cjudge82 says:

    Man…I wish I had jury duty…

  2. I wish I had jury duty, too. Except if Addie was like two. I was on a two-week criminal trial when I was 21. It was really fun!I’m glad you had a good break.

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