At Last A Bit Of Real Winter!

As you probably know, we finally had a real storm this weekend! Hooray for winter!

Here’s a couple shots from Saturday.

IMG_0703 (800x600)Ellie = mad at me for making her stay outside even one more second to take a picture

IMG_0712 (800x600)after shoveling, in the middle of the storm

On Sunday, after getting some freezing rain and waking up to ice everywhere, the sun came out, it warmed up and we had a lovely day to play outside!

058 (800x533)As always, I love having my mama’s boots to wear!

027 (800x533) (2)Mark, in his wholly inappropriate footwear.  He wore his boots when we went out in the morning and soaked them by stomping in many, many puddles.  He refused to put them back on in the afternoon so Keens it was!

First we built the snowman (with perfect snowman-making snow).

IMG_0714 (800x600) 030 (800x533) (2)045 (800x533)love that tassel!!

047 (800x533)not zoomed in – just Mark right at the camera! 🙂 “I see? I see?”

Then we took pictures with it.

069 (800x533) 072 (800x534)too sunny!

Finally, the kids destroyed it (the most fun part, of course).

092 (800x533) 081 (800x533)

I amused myself by making a sculpture entitled, “Snowballs in Tree.”

095 (800x533) 104 (800x533)

Nik amused himself by taking really cool pictures and we all had a fun time outside!

028 (800x533) 100 (800x533) 103 (800x533) (2) 110 (800x533)

I’ll leave you with a lovely, totally non-related sight – local bananas!!  Pre-storm, we spent our Friday morning at the Rawlings Conservatory and had the fun of discovering these bananas.  If only we could grown our own, maybe we’d eat bananas again!

IMG_0694 (600x800)(Did I remember to take any pictures of the kids there? No.)

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