Snowpocaplse 2016, in pictures, by the hour

To satisfy my sister-in-law up in Alaska, a weather junkie, I’ve been taking pictures every couple hours (with a longer break last night) thorough the storm.  Perhaps you’d like to see them too?

Friday, 1/22, 4:31 pm431 pm (600x800)

Friday, 1/22, 5:02 pm

502pm (600x800)

Friday, 1/22, 7:19 pm

719pm (600x800)Friday, 1/22, 10:11 pm

1011pm (600x800)

[Good night!]

Saturday, 1/23, 8:49 am

849am (600x800)impossible to see but a plow did come through at some point in the night (and we haven’t seen another one since) (I am not, for the record, complaining about that. I know we’ll get plowed out eventually!)

Saturday, 1/23, 10:20 am

1020am (600x800)As Marko kept saying, “The wheels are sinking into the snow!”

Saturday, 1/23, 12:01 pm (noon)

1201pm (600x800)Hello crazy blowing snow! Goodbye cars!

Saturday, 1/23, 2:37 pm

237pm (600x800)

Saturday, 1/23, 3:38 pm

338pm (600x800)

Saturday, 1/23, 8:04 pm

804pm (600x800)At least the wind blew the snow off the window.

Where, you may be asking, are the pictures of cute kids romping in snow while parents shovel? There are NONE because we stayed inside.  It may be advisable to shovel mid-way through a storm like this and we watched many neighbors doing so but Alaskan blood or not, I despise blowing snow. We didn’t even open a door today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be bright and sunny and relatively warm.  So we’re planning on many shoveling sessions, lots of snow play, and seeing if we can find our cars again.  That’s jumping ahead of myself though as it’s probably going to take hours just to shovel our steps and the sidewalk to the cars.

So how did we spend our snow day? I spent most of the morning cleaning our kitchen, attempting to unearth it from a crazy week. Nik spent almost the whole day in our upstairs, prepping all three rooms for priming and painting (super duper exciting news on the home renovation front! I’ll share that soon!). The kids did their usual play/fight/play/fight/play cycle as well as some bike riding in the empty rooms upstairs. I also have almost three baby blankets sewn.  I can be remarkably productive when my sewing room is in our living room.

001 (800x533)Also, fort building in our newly-spacious office/playroom because we got rid of all our furniture (more on that soon too!). Didn’t even have to close the blinds tonight!

What will tomorrow bring (besides shoveling feet of snow)? With our church service canceled, Ellie already has made plans for how we’re going to have our own home church (it involved church and Sunday School but no nursery and a lot of other complicated talking that I lost track of somewhere in the middle), probably some bread baking, and lamb chops with risotto for dinner.  Life is good in a storm!

Good night!

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6 Responses to Snowpocaplse 2016, in pictures, by the hour

  1. Maria Davis says:

    Loved your time lapse… and UGH to any kind of shoveling and for those who think it’s so pretty…
    give me a sandy warm beach any day…

  2. Karyn says:

    Wow. So much snow.

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