So We Went to the Zoo in Short Sleeves on Monday and Played in the Snow Today – WEIRD

It was so warm on Monday that we just had to make a trek to the zoo to take advantage of the warm weather.  (It was at least 70 by the afternoon.)

We saw the kookaburra again! The zoo volunteer told us the bird had been really quiet all morning so we were glad to hear at least a bit of its song!

IMG_0259 (800x600)rhinos, eating grass, as Mark had fun telling us about all day and at dinner, to our great amusement! (Mark frequently leaves off the first consonant sounds of his words so I’ll let you work out that joke for yourself!)

IMG_0262 (800x600)Ellie with her friend L, checking out the chimps

Today, it’s down near freezing with snow/rain coming down.  Ellie begged to go out to play so even though it’s pretty nasty out there, we ventured out for a few minutes.  Our snowballs were really more like snow/leaf balls but it was fun to be outside.

IMG_0274 (800x600)Poor guy – I’ve got to get him some boots!

IMG_0271 (800x600) IMG_0268 (800x600) IMG_0266 (800x600) IMG_0264 (800x600)

It’s been the weirdest three days of weather that I can remember in a long time!

P.S. It feels a bit strange to me to be posting this fun, cheery post when my heart is so sad for the people of Ferguson, sad about the clear lack of racial reconciliation, justice, and equity that still exists in our country, and sad for all those who have lost loved ones to brutality of any kind.  Lord, bring us your peace.

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