When The Kids Hold The Camera, There Are A Lot Of Pictures Of Mama

Yesterday was an incredibly glorious day – 60 degrees and sunny.  We got home from our preschool co-op around 1:30 and none of us wanted to go inside.  So, I brought out our quilt, Ellie drew and colored, and Mark played in the dirt.  Ellie fairly quickly succumbed to the dirt’s irresistible call as well. We now have a rather large and elaborate dirt cake on our sidewalk!

I had our camera outside because I was photographing the process of sewing a donkey ornament for a upcoming blog post.  My children wanted to use it and so, thankfully, we have some pictures of this amazing day.

013 (800x533) 016 (800x533) (2) 018 (800x533) 022 (800x533)his “silly” face

024 (800x533) 025 (800x533)as close as she would consent to be for a picture (as taken by Mark)

026 (800x533) 027 (800x533) 028 (800x533)bare feet in December!

029 (800x533) 032 (800x533)attempting to sew while being tackled by an almost-three-year-old

033 (800x533)Mark, giving me a big kiss on the lips (one of his favorite things to do these days!)

035 (800x533) 053 (800x533)(I’ll take the credit for this one!)

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