Welcome “Can’t Make Up Your Mind” March!

On Tuesday (March 1st), we went to the Walters Art Museum for an Art Kids class.  We had a great time and learned a lot although it was a bit of a stretch to find community helpers in the 17th Century Baroque art gallery! 😉

IMG_2066 (639x640)Maybe that person was a teacher (of math?)? (The painting is entitled, “Allegory of Arithmetic” (1650) by Laurent de La Hyre. I only remember this because I have a photographic memory…or maybe because I took an actual photograph of the sign.)

In another gallery, we looked at a painting of four people, including one man who was writing.  This prompted a discussion about how poets and authors help make our society better, which led to a discussion of how each child could make their community better.  Here’s a little friend of ours, H, who was being kind to Ellie (her answer to that question)!

IMG_2065 (639x640)After the class, the weather was so AMAZINGLY gorgeous that we drove the rest of the way downtown to eat lunch and play at Federal Hill Park, just above the Inner Harbor.  We finally dragged ourselves away just in time to get home for afternoon snack.

IMG_2069 (640x480)

IMG_2071 (640x480) IMG_2074 (640x426)IMG_2067 (640x640)Ellie stayed on the swings for the better part of 1.5 hours! 🙂

This morning (March 4th, the only date that is also a command!), we woke up to lovely snow all over the lawn, trees, and bushes.  We went out to play in the snow for about an hour, knowing that it would be gone soon.  And sadly, it was gone by the afternoon.

002 (640x427) 005 (640x427) 006 (640x427) 007 (640x427) 008 (640x427)

We were hoping for one last snow day for Nik but alas, the snow didn’t stick to the roads and off to school he went.  So far, March has been both lion-like and lamb-ish.  I know spring is coming but I wouldn’t mind having a bit more snow like this!

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