Ellie Learns To Somersault

On Sunday, Ellie was in the somersault position and asking how to flip when we realized that we hadn’t ever taught her how to do it!  Probably many kids don’t need any lessons but Ellie is definitely more on the cautious side when it comes to physical movement.

006 (800x533)All she needed was a little encouragement to walk with her legs and over she went!  I wish we could have gotten the first somersault on video because she was SO excited and SO proud of herself!  The laughter was infectious and everyone was high fiving everyone else!

Mark spent much of the time on his head so it probably won’t be long before he’s doing somersaults himself.  He has the benefit of Ellie modeling everything for him, along with a generally being much more of a daredevil than his sister!

005 (800x533)

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