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He Drinks! From A Cup!

Mark is accumulating new skills right and left.  Here he is drinking from a cup, all by himself!  We don’t trust him to have it on his tray by himself yet but he definitely understands how to use it! You’ll … Continue reading

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Mark Doesn’t Like the Ravens Either (who, by the way, are NOT the world champions)

Mark is in the very fun phase where he’s always shaking his head no (although, obviously, he doesn’t know what he’s saying).  For some reason, he only does it when he’s sitting in his chair for meals.  I figured I … Continue reading

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Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

Our little Ellie isn’t so little anymore!  She’s three! In honor of her 3rd birthday, I made a little movie (with no sound) compiling pictures of her as she slept over the past three years.  I love how you can … Continue reading

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Ellie’s Puzzle Skillz (for Auntie Julie)

Auntie Julie gave Ellie some really cool wooden puzzles for her birthday last fall.  Recently, Ellie has started putting them together almost entirely independently.  The puzzles are great for puzzle learners because once you set aside the two inside pieces … Continue reading

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A Little Post-Nap Singing, Rudely Interrupted

Those pesky little brothers, always interrupting your performances! (from 2/22/13)

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Mark’s First Foray Into The Wilderness

We took advantage of the glorious weather on Sunday to go for our first hike as a family of four.  We love Double Rock Park, which is just a super-short drive from our house.  The stream was pretty full so … Continue reading

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She counts in Greek!

Ellie still counts, “One, two, eight, mine, ten” when counting without help in English.  She sometimes adds in eleven, twelve, and eighteen for fun.  When we’re counting with her, she’ll count the whole way to ten but really doesn’t ever … Continue reading

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