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Ellie’s Puzzle Skillz (for Auntie Julie)

Auntie Julie gave Ellie some really cool wooden puzzles for her birthday last fall.  Recently, Ellie has started putting them together almost entirely independently.  The puzzles are great for puzzle learners because once you set aside the two inside pieces … Continue reading

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A Little Post-Nap Singing, Rudely Interrupted

Those pesky little brothers, always interrupting your performances! (from 2/22/13)

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Mark’s First Foray Into The Wilderness

We took advantage of the glorious weather on Sunday to go for our first hike as a family of four.  We love Double Rock Park, which is just a super-short drive from our house.  The stream was pretty full so … Continue reading

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She counts in Greek!

Ellie still counts, “One, two, eight, mine, ten” when counting without help in English.  She sometimes adds in eleven, twelve, and eighteen for fun.  When we’re counting with her, she’ll count the whole way to ten but really doesn’t ever … Continue reading

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Change is Hard…and Cute

This morning, Ellie woke up at 5:25 (sadly, as been her custom the past few days).  After a long nursing session, she was still upset (as in throwing herself around the bed upset) but finally agreed to rock with me.  … Continue reading

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Sing, Sing a Song!

Ellie has recently begun singing independently and I love hearing her versions of the songs that we sing. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” is a current favorite of hers.  This is crazy to me because I hardly ever sing it to … Continue reading

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Some Irreconcilable Parenting Differences

Nik and I have had a relatively easy time in the “how shall we parent?” department.  By relatively easy, I mean, we haven’t had a lot of conflict in our “deciding what parenting philosophy to follow”discussions.  Putting all of that … Continue reading

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Ashes Ashes (Ellie’s new favorite pastime)

She prefers to play it with us but if there’s no one else around, “Baby” is a good partner! (The last few seconds are a good example of why you haven’t seen many videos lately.  The second she notices the … Continue reading

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This Is How We Count Around Here

Ellie’s new favorite numbers: one, two, eight, mine!

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Ellie’s Guitar-Playing Debut

Ellie was going a bit crazy the other night so, inspired by this post about family music time, I asked Nik if he would play his guitar for us.  Ellie was immediately enthralled and engaged and we sang happily right … Continue reading

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