We Were Warned This Would Happen With a Boy (plus Black Friday shopping is finished! and happy kids on the piano!)

On Monday, Mark was running FAST (as he always does), tripped on who knows what, and slammed his face onto a little chair at our art table.  Blood poured out of his mouth and eventually I figured out that he’d managed to put a pretty large gash above his gums inside his upper lip.  After a couple hours of wondering if we should, I took him to a nearby urgent care.  Thankfully, he didn’t end up needing stitches and it’s healing well now.  I do feel the need to commemorate this event however because it’s the first time we’ve had to take a child to urgent care (or the ER) and of course, it was our boy, not our girl who sent us there.  Everyone told us that we would need urgent care more once we had a boy and I guess they were right! I am thankful we made it to almost three years old before we had to go.

IMG_1711 (600x800)poor sad face from all the crying. 😦

Last night, he told Nik that he had to see two doctors because he was TWO! (In reality, our first doctor was interviewing for a job so the 2nd doctor had to come in and check her work.)

And in other news, I’ve already completed my Black Friday shopping!  Joann Fabrics decided to start the flannel doorbuster on Tuesday this year.  So I got up early, was the first person there at 5:45 am, bought a year’s supply of flannel, and was home in time for Nik to get to work at 7:15.  I’ll still go out and get some poinsettias at Home Depot on Friday morning but other than that, I’m done!

Finally, I leave you with three adorable kids, singing and having a grand time together! We’re thankful for our little friend who comes to play with us (and brings her mother too) almost every week!

taken on 11/17/15

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