Mark Doesn’t Like the Ravens Either (who, by the way, are NOT the world champions)

Mark is in the very fun phase where he’s always shaking his head no (although, obviously, he doesn’t know what he’s saying).  For some reason, he only does it when he’s sitting in his chair for meals.  I figured I had to start the indoctrination early (just like with Ellie) so we asked him if he liked the Ravens:

Of course he doesn’t!  🙂 (I left the rest of that video shoot if you want to keep watching and see Mark leave me hanging in the dust!)

And for fun, here’s a better shot of Mark shaking his head no.  I especially love Ellie’s laughing in the background.  This is one of her favorite games to play with Mark!

P.S. Let me just rant for a minute about one of my pet peeves.  I do think it’s really awesome that the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl.  Our city can definitely be proud of that.  What annoys me to no end is when I see the bumper stickers/shirts/etc. that proclaim the Ravens to be “World Champions”.  Really?  What international teams did they beat in order to win the Super Bowl?  What World Championship did they play in to win this title?  “World Champion” means that you competed against people (in individual sports) or teams (in team sports) from around the world and came out the victor.  Sorry Ravens, but you don’t deserve the title, “World Champion”.

If anyone out there can give me a compelling reason why they do, please leave me a comment.  It will have to be a better reason than that they won the Super Bowl though because that’s like saying that I can make up any old game I want to and if no one else in the world plays it, then I can call myself the world champion in it.  Fun to say but not true.

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