First Fig of the Summer! Opa!

Our fig trees were killed back almost to the ground by last winter’s crazy cold and snow.  Now, thankfully, they’re growing great and last week we found one ripe fig!  Ellie, Nik, and I enjoyed it greatly although Ellie was a bit put out when we told her that she only got two tiny bites!  (She does love figs!) Mark, on the other hand, looked at me as if I’d offered him poison when I offered him a bit!

014 (800x533) 015 (800x533)

Mark may not be Greek enough to love fresh figs [yet] but he certainly can say “Opa!” with the best of them! (And excuse my poor pronunciation. I’m sure I could say it better than I do.)

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3 Responses to First Fig of the Summer! Opa!

  1. Cool! I need to try figs. My produce man who sets up outside my office sells them occasionally. If I buy some and don’t like them, would you take them?

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