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A Tale of Two Hydrangeas (plus some figs)

Last winter was a really harsh one (at least by Baltimore standards) and one of our two hydrangeas almost didn’t make it.  It grew back just from the roots and I had to cut off all the old growth.  This … Continue reading

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Join Us Tomorrow and Learn How To Be “Bay-Wise”!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, 6/21), Baltimore Master Gardeners will be Bay-Wise certifying our yard at 9:30 am. If you’re interested in learning about simple landscape practices that improve water quality and the health of our local waterways, you’re welcome to join … Continue reading

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Weeding in a Torrential Downpour (or what a mom does to get a little alone time)

Tuesday night, Mark and I were outside after dinner, having a lovely time.  I was weeding and he was happily digging with his beloved trowel.  Then, the rain started.  We were under a tree (tidying up a mulch ring) and … Continue reading

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Misappropriation of Party Planning and Preparation Time

Last Saturday afternoon, I had the fun of hosting a bridal open house (like a shower only with no presents involved) for one of my best friends.  I had allocated the day before (Friday) for house cleaning and food preparation, … Continue reading

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First (and last) Figs!

This year, our two fig trees gave us six incredibly delicious and incredibly tiny figs.  Here’s hoping for more next year! Ellie LOVES fresh figs!

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First Peach!

Finally, finally, finally, we’re starting to accomplish our goal of having edible landscaping around our house.  We’ve been talking about doing this for years and this summer, finally managed to plant some fruit trees.  So we now have three blueberry … Continue reading

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First Strawberries

Last fall, a very kind acquaintance gave us some strawberry plants.  They survived the winter and last week, we harvested our first two of the season. Since then, we’ve been harvesting 2-3 per day and it’s Ellie’s favorite thing to … Continue reading

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Get Thee Behind Me, Food Preservation

I think we’re finally done.  It’s been a long four and a half months but I think I can finally say that we’re done with food preservation for the year.  I might make marmalade once Florida citrus comes back into … Continue reading

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Fall Beauty and Bounty (and don’t forget to set your clocks back!)

Although, really, does anyone need a reminder about Daylight Savings Time anymore?  Cell phones reset themselves.  Even our bedside alarm clock magically talks to satellites and resets itself.  But regardless, Ellie will still wake up at the normal time, which … Continue reading

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The Tomatoes Finally Showed Up

I know I claimed a few weeks back that our tomato crop has been a big failure.  Amazingly, thankfully, the tomatoes finally decided to start blessing us with their presence!  It’s late October and the plants are full of green … Continue reading

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