A bit of an Ellie and Mark Fix

A boy with his bunny and an obsession with looking outside on the off chance he might see trucks or buses or any other thing that goes:

039 (800x533) 040 (800x552)

Mark proudly inspecting the fruits of our garden from last week:

005 (800x533)Cuddle love!009 (800x533)Mark’s first taste, and Ellie’s second, of fast food because, well, Nik was off having fun at the US Open and I had been cutting up corn and tomatoes all day and the house was a mess and Yiayia thought it would be fun, and why not, right?  Loosen up the rules just a tad every two years or so? 🙂

026 (800x533) 031 (800x533)

Ellie’s trip to the “candy store”

010 (800x533)

I especially love that she didn’t even know enough about candy to be able to call it anything other than “paintbrush candy” and “pencil candy”.  Just goes to show that I’ve done a passable job of suppressing my desire to eat a Snickers bar every time we go to the grocery store! 🙂 (And sorry about Mark’s shrieking.  He’s definitely starting to assert himself if he doesn’t get what he wants!)

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