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That night the great I AM came down!

Merry Christmas! Love, Nik, Laura, Ellie, and Marko (For the rest of the words, and the tune, to the lovely Christmas carol from which the title of this post is drawn, see last year’s Christmas post. ) P.S. Want to … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Great Nine Years!

Nine years ago today, I wore this dress. (after wearing this dress, of course) and today (with no prompting from me, I promise), Ellie asked to try on this dress: And then Marko wanted part of the silly action: And … Continue reading

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A whole bunch of family pictures for all the picture-starved family members out there

Yes, I know I’ve been gone for over a month.  Life is charging ahead and I’m having a hard time keeping up (or at least blogging about it).  That’s a story for another day.  In the meantime… We’ve taken pictures … Continue reading

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Our First Parade!

The first weekend in April, we had the fun of marching in the Maryland Greek Independence Day Parade.  Nik’s dad, Panayiotis, was the Grand Marshal! After he took care of his Grand Marshal duties at the beginning of the parade, … Continue reading

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March Sewing: A Metamorphosis in Celebration of Easter

Back in December 2006, I announced via blog post that my sister-in-law, Meggan, had found a potentially awesome choice for a bridesmaid’s dress company.  A month later, my old roommate, Kristen, and I went to DC to their showroom where … Continue reading

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My Sister is 30 and I am OLD (and I’m willing to own it)

Today, my lovely little sister, Rachel, turns 30.  For the past few years, it’s been easy to think of her as my super fun and young little sister who has all this energy and does so much great stuff with … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas 2015: Ornaments for Two of My Siblings but NOT the Other Two (because I am definitely not perfect)

This year, I managed to sew ornaments for two of my four siblings. For my sister, who loves to take pictures, I sewed her this adorable camera (from this tutorial). I even managed to get this done in early December. … Continue reading

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[not to get all conspiracy-theoryish on you but] TURN OFF YOUR WIFI!!

Several weeks ago, I woke up and said to Nik, “I just had the most bizarre series of dreams!” He replied “Me too! It’s because I turned off the WiFi!” What does that have to do with dreams?????? It turned … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas 2015: How Do You Remember to Clothe Yourself?

Each year, for Christmas, we give Ellie and Mark each a book and then one small toy of some kind.  For Mark, I sewed him a memory game and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the fussy cutting of all the objects.  All my … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas 2015: Brown Mosaic for a Brown Kitchen

I did very little sewing for Christmas this year (as comparted to my insane production in years past) but did manage to sew a few things.  For Nik’s brother and sister-in-law, I sewed two hot pads. I used the same … Continue reading

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