[not to get all conspiracy-theoryish on you but] TURN OFF YOUR WIFI!!

Several weeks ago, I woke up and said to Nik, “I just had the most bizarre series of dreams!” He replied “Me too! It’s because I turned off the WiFi!”

What does that have to do with dreams??????

It turned out that he had recently read an article about another family who had turned off their WiFi and instantly had better, deeper sleep with more dreaming.  So that night, he made a point of turning off our WiFi before we went to sleep but didn’t tell me what he’d done.  It was that night that I had all those crazy dreams.  I used to have insane, crazy dreams all the time but don’t really remember having them for the past couple years.  Perhaps this is coincidentally timed with us getting WiFi after getting smart phones? Or perhaps it’s not coincidence? I don’t know.

Some research seems to support a tenuous [and controversial] link at best between sleep quality and WiFi exposure.  (This is based just what I read in that above linked article – I haven’t done any searching on my own.) So I’m not here today to tell you “scientists have proven that WiFi in your house causes you to sleep poorly.”

But I am here to tell you that it might make a difference so why not turn it off? You don’t need it at night anyway. We now make a point of turning off our WiFi around 7:00 each evening (i.e. when both our kids are asleep) because we want to be sure they get their best sleep all night.  You too can have better sleep! Just turn off that WiFi (which might also help you stop using your smartphone too late into the night, right?)!


Speaking of sleeping, you’ll see in the picture below that we now have a room of mattresses.  We bought Ellie a new mattress this summer (latex, from this company, after much angst and research and help from a dear friend who is also really concerned about the INSANE fire retardant load in conventional mattresses.)  Now, Nik and I are planning to transition to a minimal bed, slowly of course.  Once our current mattress gives out (it’s 8 years old at this point so getting elderly in mattress years), we’ll probably switch to a futon or harder wool mattress and eventually maybe even just to sleeping pads (if we can convince ourselves to be that hardcore).  We’re also going to try to wean ourselves off of using pillows (or at least fat ones). And, we’re going to pull a couple layers out of Ellie’s mattress (one at a time to transition her too) so hers isn’t so soft either – we’ll give one to Mark for his bed, when he’s ready for a big bed. To be clear, we got the firm latex so her bed really isn’t all that soft to begin with.  But it will feel harder once there’s less foam in it.

002 (800x533)didn’t even make the beds before taking the picture – real-life right? 🙂

Want to join us in creating a no-WiFi-no-mattress-no-pillow life? It’s better for your body!

(More tips for avoiding flame retardants.)

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3 Responses to [not to get all conspiracy-theoryish on you but] TURN OFF YOUR WIFI!!

  1. Karyn says:

    Very interesting. James and I have been wondering about this (but I haven’t yet taken time to research). A few months back we had our wifi moved away from the bedrooms, but it never occurred to me to just turn it off at night. So…potentially dumb/obvious question…how do you turn off the wifi? I just looked at our “box” and there doesn’t seem to be an on/off button. Can I just unplug it?

    • Laura says:

      When we got smartphones, we had to buy a new router because our old one was not WiFI-enabled. So we purposefully bought one that let us turn it off/on (although then we were too lazy to turn it off most of the time until a few weeks ago when we discovered this sleeping thing.) So ours does have an on/off button (although it’s not labeled as such). I suppose you could just unplug your router but that would mean you couldn’t use internet on your desktop either (if you have one). No big deal if you’re going to bed but potentially problematic if you want to use the Internet on your computer but also turn off the WiFi if you’re up later than your kids…

      • karynme says:

        Thanks for writing me back! Based on our configurations, we’ll unplug at night. And now I get to check this off my list of baby steps! YAY!!!

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