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Change is Hard…and Cute

This morning, Ellie woke up at 5:25 (sadly, as been her custom the past few days).  After a long nursing session, she was still upset (as in throwing herself around the bed upset) but finally agreed to rock with me.  … Continue reading

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Our New Home (Again)

Before Ellie came, Nik surprised me with a new house.  And now he’s gone and done it again!  He decided that our new house wasn’t big enough so he upgraded.  He surprised me with the new house today.  I was … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m Very Pregnant

In case you were wondering, here’s some proof. At 36 weeks, along with Ellie’s opinion of me attempting to take a belly shot right after she woke up from a nap: And from last night, at 37 1/2 weeks: So, … Continue reading

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November Sewing: Something for Ellie, Something for B2

Wanting both B2 and Ellie to have something new of their own once he/she is born, I made a little cooking apron for Ellie (using this tutorial) and a new baby blanket for B2.  I’ve been meaning to make Ellie … Continue reading

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OK, Fine, You Figured Me Out

Just as Ellie didn’t really have rabies and we didn’t really feed her pizza for her first food, we are also not planning on naming our child “Buster” or “Busterina”. I still think that “Baby Bus” would be a cute … Continue reading

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Announcing…Our Top Baby Name Options for B2

We’ve finally nailed down the names for B2. For a boy: Buster For a girl: Busterina Why such unusual names, you ask?  Ellie is currently in love with buses.  She lights up whenever she sees a bus.  She’s also careful … Continue reading

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October/November Sewing: Blankets for Our Baby Boy and Our Friends’ Baby Girl

I know, I know, we don’t know for sure (or at all) that we’re having a boy.  But I didn’t like the boy blanket that we had from the last pregnancy so I cut that one up for cloth wipes … Continue reading

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How to Figure Out if Your Belly is Getting Bigger (In Two Easy Steps)

For Anyone Out There Who Might Be Pregnant:  1.  Try to close a closet door and ram the door into your tummy.  Or try to walk past your husband in the hallway and run right into him.  Both will be … Continue reading

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A Couple Momentous Firsts

Ellie is growing and changing so quickly.  The past couple weeks, a couple things have happened that have really made me realize how quickly my baby is turning into a little girl. Exhibit A – Ellie’s first loaf of bread … Continue reading

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Why We Think B2 is a Boy (But No Ultrasounds for Us!)

Before Ellie was born, we were pretty sure she was a girl, mostly because I’d had 2-3 dreams in which I clearly knew that she was a girl and because one of the midwives in our practice had been fairly … Continue reading

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